Friday 10 April 2009

St Honorés, Paris-Brests and a bell

Up nice and early to revise some classics. Here are the bases for the St Honorés. They are made from left over bits of puff pastry nicely rolled out. There's very rarely any wastage in patisserie. They're also thoroughly pricked to avoid too much rising in the oven.

Each one is crowned with a ring of choux pastry. The spiral in the large one and little dots in the minis will not be seen. Their volume means you don't have to put so much (expensive) cream in the finished item - or, as some prefer to say, they help prevent the feuilletage developing too much. There were also two trays of choux.

And here are the uncooked Paris-Brests. Just choux pastry rings. They will be glazed and covered with almonds before cooking. On the left you can clearly see the larger tyre (two concentric rings with a third on top) and the inner tube which will sit inside.

The whole canoodle cooked - except the large St Honoré which was sadly not present for the photo call.

Now, today was a day of great controversy that got me really wound up. I had arranged some time ago to go to Berlin to spend Easter with my sister. I had sought permission from the powers that be to leave 2hrs before the end of today's class to make it to Paris for my flight and had warned my chef twice.

Well, when I mentioned again this morning that I would be leaving early, the prof claimed he knew nothing about it and rang up the admin lady who called me out of the class and shouted at me in the corridor, claiming I had only asked to leave 30mins before the end of the lesson. (Big difference, apparently.) I've not been shouted at like that since I was about 11 (that's an even better story) and it really riled me - not least because I had gone to such lengths to follow the protocol.

Anyway, I finished up the chocolate bell I was making to take to said sister for said Easter weekend and scarpered.

If it's not entirely clear, this is a chocolate bell still in its mould. Looking at the inside.

Since I left before finishing my St Ho's, here are two snaps of other people's. A small:

And a large:

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