Wednesday 8 April 2009

Blast from the past

Nothing like waking up late, missing two busses, getting on the third knowing you're going to arrive late and realizing you've forgotten your bus pass to start the day.

Knocked up a black forest gateau. This is a cake with absolutely nothing to recommend it. Except we did, however, use nice sour Morello cherries macerated in Kirsch which at least took it out of the glacé gutter.

And a Pithiviers for good measure.

And my, oh my, the old PLF is starting to take shape. The croissants almost turned out all right even if the pains au chocolat lacked a certain photogenicity. Still quite a struggle to get things right, though, and after a quick troubleshoot with the honcho have decided to go for a wetter detrempe next time which I am very keen to try. Desperate to get this pastry nailed.

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