Sunday 12 April 2009

Berlin III

Glorious weather on Easter Sunday.

Nice bit of breast feeding.

On a market stall along the river (where you might go for a shopping spree or a good pun). Zoom in on top left.

Just an ordinary German.

And another, in motion-video.

This is the theatre where The Producers is showing. Interesting to see the swastikas on the banners replaced with lovely rams' horns for the Berlin version.

And two views of the Brandenburg Gate.

Then we went to a cracking Art Nouveau swimming pool. It's the one pictured on the front page here, complete with ionic columns, mosaic and water spouting walruses. I was quite surprised on jumping in how low the visibility was, but my sister kept banging on about how clean she found it (compared to her Islington local). Then all of a sudden we were evacuated due to a poo discovery. Nice.

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