Friday 17 April 2009

Croissants come together

Absolutely delighted by this morning's laboratory time. It started rather irksomely, though. Reminiscent of my last change of residence, the "10 mins max to the station" turned out to be 15. I missed my metro and had to get a cab to school. £££.

But it was all worthwhile as we had another run at our pâte levée feuilletée in the shape of croissants and pains au chocolat. They went much better than ever before and I was really satisfied with how they turned out - really light and very buttery.

The secret was in boosting the milk by 20%. This gave a much softer dough which was easier to roll out. It needed to be kept very cold to be workable but it was well worth it.

Showing the light innards. Spot prof in background.

We also crimped out a mirabelle tart and something else I cannot quite remember due to retrospective writing. EDIT: Oh, yes, 8 eclairs and 20 carolines (mini eclairs) from inception to icing.

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