Saturday 18 April 2009

A day in Dieppe

Today I went to Dieppe. Dieppe is mostly a rather grim example of a seaside town. Take the dry cleaner's, for instance: neoned to the 90s but rooted in tradition thanks to the altar boys poised in the window.

I was fortunate to catch the jetsam after the market. I wonder why the jeans didn't sell.

Nice bit of salt-air rust.

The seafront is pretty decent, however, even on a day like this.

Not least, the people.

Is that Rolf Harris?

The reason for being in such a lovely place was to visit the allegedly famous Bains de Dieppe, an idea provoked by the numerous posters which are all over Rouen. It's a seaside swimming pool filled with purified but salty seawater.

What rocks to get all the way there and find the main pool was shut all day for an 'aquathlon'. A solo tour of the mini-golf not overly attractive, I spectated a little and then came home.

Fellow spectator.

Part of the running course. The pool is on the other side of the beach huts.

A great umpire.

Looking quite Edwardian.

Reminds me of the Berlin rhinos.

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