Wednesday 15 April 2009

More classics

Can't remember what we did today since I am writing 5 days in the future. Good, eh? I know we cooked the cannelés for which we prepared the batter yesterday. They were really delicious. One of my all time faves. Not sure why I did not take a photo.

I think we also made a large conversation. The conversation is a little like a Pithiviers in that it is almond cream in puff pastry and circular. But the conversation is iced with royal icing before being baked. Not my cup of tea.

With the rest of the puff pastry we made some sweet palmiers. These are so simple but improbably morish. For the last turn of the puff pastry you use caster sugar instead of flour to cover the work surface. Then you roll out to 18 x 68cm or similar (again in sugar) and fold each end repeatedly into the middle. After chilling you cut the sausage each cm.

They are light, crispy, sweet, part-caramelized. Ideal for munching.

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