Saturday 11 April 2009

Berlin II

I imagine a holiday diary would be a good step worse than a cooking diary, so here are just a few choice snaps.

In among the sellotape and corkscrews, can you spot 'Billy Boy' fruity French letters?

Whopper of a donner:

Hard to resist popping this one in:

I nipped into the Berlin equivalent of Harrods to try and locate some swimming trunks. It turns out the Germans are rather worse on this front than the French. This company manufactures an extraordinary range of male thongs with the appropriate tag, "Not for Everybody".

Top notch, though, was this grocery section of the toy department: each product (including the bottles) made from turned wood.

Don't mention the war, just leave a ruddy great church in pieces to remind everyone.

Street hair.

I was toying with taking a photo of a poster for a band called 'Experimental Dental School'. I didn't. There was no doubt about this one, though:

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