Sunday 15 March 2009

Ze weekend continues - more snaps, further swimming pool reflections

There was an 'aquathlon' at my pool today. I didn't know until I got there having taken a puncture and lost the keys to my lock en route. Friday the 13th cropping up a few days en retard. Caught the podium though.

Further to my last post about French swimming pools and the speedo law, I went swimming in Paris last weekend when I was there for a salon. I thought this sign was really taking things a spot too far - why do they never get natives to do translations?

Although, as it happens, a friend's father was at a wee Scottish prep school where the boys used to swim naked. As a Sunday treat, the headmaster would jump in too, similarly attired. (Just after confession...)

Also subsequent to the last installment, we have acquired some spectacular swimming goggles. This had led to some underwater eye-opening experiences. First discovery was that there are cameras all around the interior of my lido, peering into the pool through reinforced windows. Where do they link to? Who watches (apart from Hamish McHamish, PGCE)?

Second discovery which may help to explain part (A) is that many of the (often unfortunately older/uglier) women swim topless. They slip into bikinis to flit to the showers but whip them off once in the water. I like to take on the odd breaststroke.

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