Saturday 28 March 2009

A day in Bois-Guillaume

Saturday is quite a relief after Friday's 5am start. Today I slept until 12.30 then prowled around taking photos of my new location. I've moved to Bois-Guillaume, a nice suburb of Rouen, so named because William the Conquerer's mater built a house here in a wood on the hill.

This little shelter is by the local college, plastered in lunchtime grafitti.

Da Vinci might seem a spot bizarre for a hate-figure, but the school is called Lycée Léonard de Vinci. They teach good English.

Can't escape them.

They teach French worse. The small line in white reads, Le canabis est un fléo pour les jeunnes pour vous en débarrasser, fumer-le!!! or "Cannabis is a scourge for the young, to get rid of it, smoke it." Mental.

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