Monday 23 March 2009

Aural Pornography

It being Monday - no time in the kitchen - little to write about. I have had inspiration for a crème brûlée variation which I am very eager to try (more anon.) and I spent our class on Vitamins rolling up paper nets to work out how to create a perfect, hollow chocolate cylinder with wood print all the way around. Work in progress.

None of which is really worth mentioning so I decided not to post. Fortunately something has just happened.

I was struggling to get to sleep (event though it was late) so was browsing the usual YouTube bits and boobs when I hit on this video in the early hours.

I was around three quarters of the way through and the woman was well away with it when I suddenly heard someone get out of bed in the bedroom next to mine. And go to the loo.

Crikey. Did her noise wake them up? Were they awake anyway and listening in and crashing to the loo as a little hint?

Not sure I want to know.

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