Tuesday 10 March 2009

Notation - spatula haircuts

This week we are being marked on our practical work. This means producing items under test conditions and submitting them to the chef for criticism.

Today my group had to make our usual pâte à choux trio (religieuses, eclairs and salambos) and prepare some feuilletage for tomorrow. I was not at my best on the dressing front, producing one eclair which exceeded the others in length by a good 15% (taking after its maker, I suppose). No idea of marks yet (still have various tests to undergo) but I certainly shan't be top. I doubt whether an English type would be allowed to come top, anyway, so it's not too much to cry about.

Since there are already endless photos of nuns on my blog, no photos of today's produce. Here is a little snap of a hairdresser which mildly tickles my goose since maryse is the French for spatula. Tempted to nip in for a snip just to see what you get.

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