Sunday 15 February 2009

Surprising pair o' ducks

I had decided to do a post describing my rigorous and scintillating daily schedule for those who might be interested in how my baking school actually works but the Internet went down here and it's got rather late. 

Some folks from my new class
Instead, just a rather surprising fact. Our chef told us most people put on 4 kilos or so during the course of the course. Bizarrely, in my first two weeks I lost a stone and yesterday I moved up a notch on my belt. This, despite eating pastry for breakfast, delusionally buying several patisserie numbers at lunch under the guise of research, tasting produce in the kitchen in the afternoon and quite often thoroughly eating said produce with my family in the evening.

The weight loss might also have something to do with the removal of 7 months of hair (from my head), accidentally ravaged by a budget 10€ barber with a blunt pair of scissors, operating in a shop which didn't even have a sink between 4 haircutters. Something must have got lost in translation as my "pas trop court" came out more more Wallace & Grommit than Jonathan Ross and the hair on my crown is a good inch longer than my fringe. Haute coiffure.

I know it's quite normal for people dieting to put on a bit of weight before it comes off... so I hope this loss is not overture to an exponential ballooning

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