Monday 2 February 2009

In which French bureaucracy gets my goat

After our brief practical assessment last week (lining four tart cases and piping some rose-shaped jobs) I have been moved to a different group. Due to the interloping of the timetables this means another day without any practical work. Rats.

More significantly it meant today I had to sit through the same 2h45 minute presentation on flour-induced asthma as I saw on Friday. I explained this to the teacher who said, "To be honest it's not worth your being here but if you do leave I will mark you as absent."

I'm sorry?

What kind of buffoonery is this?

Quite unbelievable.... a single absence entails a warning, three means goodbye so it's really quite serious. Yet she agreed there was no point in me being there. Nuts.

I sat and read about eggs in my text book for the first 90 minutes and then left at the break.

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