Tuesday 24 February 2009

In which cigarettes, tuiles, tongue of cat and almond yuck

Aujourd'hui on a attaqué des petits-fours secs comme des cigarettes...

...des langues de chat...

...des tuiles (dont je n'ai pas pris de photo à cause d'une cuission un peu trop longue) et des four à poche, qui veut dire des biscuits faits d'une pâte d'amande dressée à la poche à douille.

Our chef was being outrageously particular about our assorted shapes and, as he circulated around our group, would prod and squash any item he thought badly done so we had to start again. He would prod entire rows of items and I had to start again maybe 14 times. And of course, each time I started again, I would be harder on myself and recommence after my own condemnation so I probably had about 30 stabs at them. And they're still not uber. I got VERY frustrated that I wasn't able to pull them off to the chef's satisfaction. I have a sneaky suspicion his particularity was because we had finished everything else and still had an hour to go.

And here is the Asian contingent. Four fifths of it, anyway.

The Asian girls are very snap happy in class, taking endless photos of the demonstrations and the chef's finished items. So you can appreciate the considered irony that makes this photo art and not just pixels.

Now I have my new camera I shall be an honorary Asian.

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