Thursday 5 February 2009

In which we make more choux pastry

Today we continued our adventures in choux pastry, making eclairs and religieuses. The religieuse (which means nun) is a small choux bun on top of a big one, both iced and with a collar joining them of delicately piped crème à beurre. You find them in nearly all patisseries out here.

We also continued working in puff pastry, this time making a galette des rois (sans fève). My pastry was not sufficiently chilled so when I cut out the two circles they both shrank back and went wonky. So I had to chill it and cut even smaller circles out of the first ones ending with a rather miniature galette.

All the different flavoured galettes have traditional decors. You can see this decor on this one is very different from the somewhat similar Pithiviers.

My new prof had criticized the way I had been taught to make puff pastry with my old teacher at the INBP. Typical. So what a delight when his pastry failed to puff properly in the oven while mine was much better (but still not quite spot on).

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