Wednesday 25 February 2009

In which anticipation mounts for PLF

Today we had a revision of choux pastry which meant bashing out the usual eclairs, religieuses and glands; we cooked the marzipan petits-fours from yesterday; we set some brioche dough to rise for tomorrow and, excitingly, we watched the first part of a demo for a pâte levée feuilletée - which is used for croissants and pains au choc. Can't wait to try and get going with that.

As the chef was doing his rounds today, prodding everyone's petits-fours and pâte à choux when it was dressed badly, I was waiting for his visit with trepidation. Was bloody delighted when he came and peered over my eclairs and salambôs for a good 30secs and then left without touching a thing and even said, "C'est bien". Unfortunately the nuns' bodies I dressed immediately afterwards were a spot on the large side but I was too chuffed to care.

These were nice and glossy until I put them in a rather cold fridge and they went somewhat matte. Life's a bitch.

The marzipan petits-fours with one carefully nibbled with a knife to show the moist inside.

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