Wednesday 4 February 2009

In which we go to England

I took the day off to go to England for a "visite médicale".

Rather frustratingly I had left my phone at school which was rather crucial for the voyage so I got up at 6 to go back to school and collect it. Then it was a train to Paris which arrived late and a taxi which got stuck behind an accident so I trotted on foot the rest of the way to the Gare du Nord and arrived late but in time for my Eurostar. The trajectory then went St Pancras - Oxford - Reigate - St Pancras, back to Paris where I spent the night with a friend arriving at about 00h30. Bloody exhausted. I nearly missed the Eurostar back again because my train got diverted into London due to the snow.

I got an extremely stroppy taxi driver once I returned to Paris who told me it fucking wasn't worth getting a cab to my friend's address since it was just around the corner. How was I to know? and besides it was raining. He still managed to charge me €6.

For want of a better photo here's a butcher in the Covered Market in Oxford with all his Christmas stock.

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