Saturday 28 February 2009

Saturday - slash and boil

I don't like tempting fate but I'll mention this oddity.

The two things you expect to do working in a kitchen are cut yourself and burn yourself. Since being in France I have burnt myself and cut myself twice but each time outside the kitchen.

1st cut was from a razor burr on my locker padlock after it was cut off with giant pincers when I forgot the key

The burn was when I was folding up the ironing board and didn't consider the wire cradle for the iron would be boiling hot (indeed, considerably hotter). Poetically, I was ironing my kitchen uniform at the time.

The 2nd cut was yesterday at the swimming pool when I amazingly managed to cut myself on a tile underwater leaving a deep flap. Brilliantly, the lifeguard squirted some antiseptic on it and told me to carry on swimming despite the light trail of blood I was leaving. Thank goodness there weren't any sharks in the vicinity.

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