Friday 15 May 2009

Life is rosy

We're approaching the end: no practical today so got a lie in or 'fat morning' as they call them in France. Nice. Turned out to be quite a fat afternoon, too. Got up finally for a meeting in college, and then a swim/lesson in English pastry terms with Fréd.

In the evening we went to see The Boat that Rocked. The naming of foreign films can be quite interesting. The Boat that Rocked, for instance, has a different title in France - but it's still in English. Here it's called Good Morning, England.

Similarly, the French film La Môme was given a different title in England, but still in French: La Vie en rose.

It seems producers often want to keep that touch of the foreign culture while giving a more understandable title for the target country. But this is a spot confusing in the case of La Vie en rose if you do know a bit about francophone culture: there's a classic Belgian film called Ma Vie en rose - about a cross-dressing 10 year old. A long way from Edith Piaf...

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