Saturday 16 May 2009

Chic Paris

Today I went to Paris to see an opera in the theatre where The Rite of Spring was first performed. An interesting place to be, but not ideal for a chamber opera (Britten's The Little Sweep).

There were rabbits on the pavement in Paris. Big ones.

This was a shop in Paris's Mayfair. Is art the ultimate luxury - or a fundamental of the human condition?

I visited one of Pierre Hermé's boutiques again. Hermé is generally regarded as the greatest living patissier. He certainly charges enough. Along with the cakes and macarons he sells little scented nightlights (photo) for €38. His boutiques are very classy, and his usual duck-egg blue and white packaging is stunning. So it was funny to find these pots in the corner. Aren't the labels the spitting image of the Waitrose 'Touch of' packaging (photo)?

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