Wednesday 28 January 2009

Ze kitchen: in which we cook

Here is our kitchen or laboratoire.

It looks quite small here but I have a rubbish camera (i.e. dreaded mobilicus). It's really quite spacious. At the top left you can see the tilted mirror above the prof's workspace for when he's doing demonstrations. Even if you're close it's worth using the mirror because it orientates his hands as though you're looking over his shoulder which is a great help for more complicated procedures.

We work on marble surfaces (patissiers also use stainless steel) while the bakers work on wood.

In the middle at the back is our oven. It has three layers which can all be set at different temperatures. Each layer's door is split so you can access either side of the oven. Each side is 3 baking trays deep. I.e. 6 trays per layer which = 18 baking trays at any one time. If you're really hungry.

Here are some sugar sculptures done by our prof. The gallic poseur is another student.

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