Tuesday 27 January 2009

Tart tart: in which we make a lemon dessert

After filling in quite a lot of forms yesterday, today was my first day of practical work at the school. First alarm at 4, left the house at 5, arrived in the classroom, changed, at 6 (i.e. bang on time) to find the chef had started early.

Quite a shock coming in a week late as things are very different to my previous school in Aurillac. Apart from anything else, today everyone was finishing a set of tarts which were prepared yesterday in my absence...everyone had already made 7 pastry cases, lined them with crème frangipane, blind-baked them and made a lemon cream. I had a lot to catch up and our chef kept disappearing at crucial moments.

The tarts were finished and garnished with Italian merringue and we began our first lesson in puff pastry. A pâte inversée which we prepared totally and will be used tomorrow. So I have no idea if mine will work or not.

I decided it would be good to take one of the lemon tarts home for my host family and was rather surprised that we have to buy our own produce off the school -- especially as the things we don't buy are given away to care homes since they cannot legally be sold to the public. Very French. And when I got it out of the box, turned out it wasn't the tart I had made with extra special care at all but one made by some freak who'd clearly struggled with the meringue.

Little else from today unless you're a hermaphrodite homonymophile:

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